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Imagine Anders, on the run from templars, out of lyrium, out of mana, staff broken in two, and not wanting to resort to blood magic, straight up punching a templar in the jaw.


How to Love a Rebel Mage — Anders/unspecified

one. Get used to feeling ribs when you hug him. Hipbones. Collarbones. Elbows. The robes hide it well, but he’s thin—Maker, he is thin.

two. Read his manifesto when he asks you to. Ask to read his manifesto even when he doesn’t ask you first. Keep a copy of it by the bed. That manifesto is everything he is and every place he’s been, and the pages are stained with his sweat and tears and bitter memories.

three. Yes, the feathered pauldrons are important.

four. Touch him softly. Kiss him hard. He has had enough harsh touches (and the bruises that they caused, that the high-necked Circle robes always hid so well) to last a lifetime. But he needs something to ground him, to remind him that you’re real, that you’re still here. That he’s still here.

five. When he looks at you with eyes filled with defeat and unshed tears, and says with a shaky voice, “I’m afraid,” thread your fingers in his hair and hiss, “I love you. And no bastard in a skirt can ever take that away.”


« You can heal him, can’t you, Anders? You can heal anyone »

« Merrill… he’s gone »

"Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway"

— Neil Gaiman, Coraline (via humingyay)
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6: fingers kiss

   he shuffles out of the tower with the rest of the apprentices
   easily enough, albeit with much more gusto than most of
   the othersbut that’s because he’d awoken with an idea.
   when asked by a fellow mage just why it was he seemed
   so very chuffed despite the heat and the humidity and the
   blighted mosquitoes his response was a simple why, i’m
   always delighted to watch pretty girls get physical.

   in watching his back whilst nimbly slipping from group
   stretching exercises, anders finds himself colliding rather
   carelessly into one of his peers;

   ”my lady!”

   the mage has, in their close proximity, already taken one
   of the other’s hands in his own. a bemused expression
   dances across youthful featureshe’s certainly seen this
   one around, and while he’s not confident he can put a
   name to her face, he is rather positive that there’d been
   talk of her giving the circle the slip once or twice before.

   ”you’ll have to forgive me for that one——you know how
    a guilty conscience is, i’m just quaking in my boots here.”

   anders begins to cast a cautious glance around the area
   but this doesn’t deter him from speaking in the least. in
   fact, he’s hardly given her any room for response at all.

   ”say, you’ve gotten out of here before, haven’t you? i’ll
    bet you have some interesting stories to share. tell you
    what; if they drag me back again, you can tell me every
    last one of them. all in one go, even! but for now, i’d
    best get going. oh——and speaking of boots, might you
    find it in your heart to take good care of mine? i can’t
    very well cross calenhad with them on. you reckon the
    templars’ll mind my leaving them? ah, never mind that,
    i’m wasting your outside time. if it’s cardio they want
    from us, then maker, it’s cardio i’m going to give them.”

   ramblings seeming to reach a close, the apprentice
   turns once more to the elf before him, a grin tugging
   on florid lips as he gives the girl’s hand a soft squeeze.

   ”perhaps i will see you again, fair lady.”

   petite hand is brought up with his own, and, without
   breaking eye contact, anders leans in to press a
   gentle kiss to pale knuckles.
   everything after that happens rather quickly. as he
   releases her hand and trots for the docks, it becomes
   apparent that his boots had been kicked off during
   his incessant rambling. he reaches his destination in
   due time and just as a templar takes notice, the mage
   leaps into welcomingly icy waters of lake calenhad,
   making for both shore and, once again, freedom.

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