At the sound of the voice from behind, the Warden-Commander pauses. He turns on his heel, crimson hues level with his fellow brother-in-arms. Considering for a moment, he finally speaks, tone light and only slightly incredulous. 


              ❛ Ser Pounce-A-Lot is getting… antsy.
                               All right. I’m convinced.
                                            We’ll stop here. ❜

   ”wait, you mean that? …hah! thank
   the maker, i was sure we’d be
   walking all night. say, why haven’t
   we invested in horses? you’re
   warden-commander, aren’t you? i
   think you could get us horses if
   you asked really, really nicely.”

      and all throughout his ranting the mage has
      withdrawn aforementioned cat from his robes,
      cradling said beast in his arms like a baby.
      the moment he finishes speaking he’s quick
      to start cooing over the creature.

   ”aww, ser pounce-a-lot you poor thing, don’t
    you worry; you can run around all you like now.”



Tell me, Anders, have you grown half a brain yet?


Or are you still drowning in your own drool?

   ”aw, velanna——has that icy heart
    of yours thawed or are you just
    pretending to care?”

lethallxn whispered: "Ha!" ;0

   ”last night i saw two peanuts walking through
    lowtown market; one of them was assaulted.”


herorecipe whispered: Ha!

   ”hawke, i know you were probably taught to
    always give a hundred percent in all things——


      “——but i really don’t think you’re meant to apply that
       philosophy to spilling your own blood as well.”

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          “I heard human mages were kept in the Circle.” The skeptical tone
          in her voice is not easy to miss. It’s not unfriendliness, just… skepticism.
          Very suspicious skepticism. All of them.”

   ”that so? funny, because i heard that
    dalish elves kept to themselves in
    the forest and never bothered with
    lowly humans.”

    it quickly becomes apparent that
    getting a straight answer from him
    will be nigh impossible.

    “like…all of them.”


   a cautious glance is cast and the
   mage starts down the row of
   books, finger dragging across
   spines. finally he settles on one
   and slowly slides it out of its
   place, tentative in all regards,
   as if he’s looking for something
   he shouldn’t be.

      but his expression quickly sours. nose
      scrunches and he scoffs in disgust.

      “andraste’s knickers, i
      words come in the form of an
      exasperated gasp before he realizes
      another is in his presence.
      eyes lock; he makes no attempt to
      hide what he’s doing.

   ”i was promised chocolate. all these
   anders throws himself against the
   towering shelves melodramatically,
   ”——and the people here still can’t
   keep their word.”

15 Associations.

Reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character to with each question.

1. Animal; cat
2. Color; blue
3. Month; march
4. Song; blinding - florence + the machine
5. Number; 220 
6. Day or Night; day
7. Plant; begonia
8. Smell; oakmoss
9. Gemstone; chrysoprase
10. Season; spring
11. Place; the anderfels
12. Food; guava
13. Astrological Sign; pisces
14. Element(s); air
15. Drink; green tea


   ”are we stopping anytime soon?
    my feet are killing me——

      “…and ser pounce-a-lot is
       getting antsy, poor thing.”