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Anonymous whispered: Hey Anders, Llama.

Anonymous whispered: hey adners mageS SUK

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wtf i’ve only been back four days and school is already kicking my ass rip how is this happening rn

anyway!! i just want to assure you all that i am not abandoning this blog and i am 100% going to do all the kiss prompts i received as soon as i’m able orz but like i come home every day from school and nap for like 3 hours it’s rly awful i hope that doesn’t continue

also i might be doing a couple sports this year so if that’s the case i’ll probably be..even more tired……..and also playing inquisition in my free time………..but i  p r o m i s e  to be here when i can. if all else fails during the week i am super rarely busy on sundays so!! this post is so long and ramble-y for no reason but i love u guys u deserve 2 know that i am still here. with u. 4 u. i still love u. if u ever need healing magics i got u. i will punch a templar in the face for u. i will punch 10 templars in the face for u. u say “get anders” i’m already there



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heads up that i start school tomorrow!! so my activity will be very reduced and only in the afternoons on weekdaysss <3


Imagine Anders, on the run from templars, out of lyrium, out of mana, staff broken in two, and not wanting to resort to blood magic, straight up punching a templar in the jaw.


How to Love a Rebel Mage — Anders/unspecified

one. Get used to feeling ribs when you hug him. Hipbones. Collarbones. Elbows. The robes hide it well, but he’s thin—Maker, he is thin.

two. Read his manifesto when he asks you to. Ask to read his manifesto even when he doesn’t ask you first. Keep a copy of it by the bed. That manifesto is everything he is and every place he’s been, and the pages are stained with his sweat and tears and bitter memories.

three. Yes, the feathered pauldrons are important.

four. Touch him softly. Kiss him hard. He has had enough harsh touches (and the bruises that they caused, that the high-necked Circle robes always hid so well) to last a lifetime. But he needs something to ground him, to remind him that you’re real, that you’re still here. That he’s still here.

five. When he looks at you with eyes filled with defeat and unshed tears, and says with a shaky voice, “I’m afraid,” thread your fingers in his hair and hiss, “I love you. And no bastard in a skirt can ever take that away.”


« You can heal him, can’t you, Anders? You can heal anyone »

« Merrill… he’s gone »

"Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway"

— Neil Gaiman, Coraline (via humingyay)